Mr Chua Kah Soon
Owner of Goodwill Birds Trading

Goodwill Birds Trading is one of the largest supplier in exotic birds, animals and accessories.

Mr Chua Kah Soon has been awarded the Distinguished Community Service Award at the National Day Dinner 2008.
He is also awarded for the 5 years Long Service Award

Goodwill Birds Trading has also been awarded the grade A during the recent grading excercise conducted by the AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) to recognize the condition of the animals displayed and the cleaniness of the premises.

We are fully dedicated to help and serve the needs of Zoos, Birdpark and Research Centre. We also provide consultancy services in setting up private animal parks.

Our staff are all trained and has more than 20 years of experience in this field..

Our speciality is handfed baby Parrots ranging from Small to Large Parrots.

We carry wide range of products to suit all pet birds such as mixed seeds, pellets, treats cages, stands, perches, vitamins, avian supplies, playpens, wooden toys, acrylic toys, references books, CD, tapes etc...

We provide quality after care service for your pet birds.

Our opening hours are 9am4:30pm (7 days per week)

For any emergency, please contact Mr Chua on his mobile at (+65) 96353360

What our clients say.

Joe and Stella !

Joe and Stella started bird keeping as a hobby 8 years ago, after a budgie came crashing into their kitchen ! As time goes by, their interest in bird keeping increases and they decided to go further into bird keeping. They were introduced to Goodwill Birds trading by a friend, Kathy, who "regretted" the decision as the couple, deeply "poisoned" by the hobby, never cease to stop buying birds from then on....

Their very 1st impression about Goodwill is that the place is very stressful and noisy. Now, however, things turned around and they visit Goodwill to relax, chat with friends and interact with different birds !

They are now keeping a whole list of parrots and song birds, ranging from a Blue Fronted Amazon, Double Yellow Headed Amazon to the Congo and Timneh African Greys. Last but not least, not forgetting their latest addition to the family, a Green Wing Macaw !

When asked about their impression about Mr Chua Kah Soon, their instant reply was that he's a nice modest man who makes good coffee for everyone .

"Bird-keeping is a very good hobby for a couple where they can share a common interest and interact with the bird."

Joe and Stella